Possessive Adjectives

The possessive adjectives are :
mo - my (lenites next word) ar - our
do - your (lenites next word) ur, bhur - your
a - his (lenites next word) an/am - their
a - her

† am - their is used before nouns beginning with b, f, m or p
‡ bhur - your
is often used following a word ending in a vowel

Examples :
mo chta - my coat ar cta - our coat
do chta - your coat ur cta - your coat
a chta - his coat an cta - their coat
am mthair - their mother
a cta - her coat

When the word following begins with a vowel the following forms are used :
m' airgead - my money ar n-airgead - our money
d' airgead - your money ur n-airgead - your money
' airgead - his money an airgead - their money
a h-airgead - her money

the apostrophe before a noun beginning with a vowel indicates the loss of the possessive adjective HIS and is not always used in the written language.
ar n- and ur n- are frequently substituted by ar h- and ur h- respectively in the spoken language (particularly in the Lewis dialect).

Possessive adjectives are used in preference to the prepositional pronouns of aig when expressing close personal associations e.g. kinship, parts of the body etc :
mo chta, an cta agam - my coat ar taigh, an taigh againn
do ch, an c agad - your dog ur n-airgead, an t-airgead agaibh
a sgoil, an sgoil aige - his school * an sgoil, an sgoil aca - their school $
an taigh, an taigh aca - their house $
a sgoil, an sgoil aice - her school *

* a sgoil - his / her school: where ambiguity exists you should use the prepositional pronouns to indicate possession.
$ - similarly, confusion with the definite noun can be avoided by using the prepositional pronoun.

Confusion in these situations can also be avoided by using the emphatic suffices you met in lessonbl.gif (1632 bytes)one.gif (974 bytes)two.gif (1009 bytes) :
a sgoil-san - his school
a sgoil-se - her school
an sgoil-san - their school
an taigh-san - their house


bn - fair, blond buidhe - yellow
cerr - wrong ceart - correct
trth - early

gu math - well, rather, fairly

is - and (for familiar associations)

athair (m) - father brthair (m) - brother
cofaidh (m) -coffee ospadal (m) - hospital
freagairt (f) - answer mthair (f) - mother
piuthar (f) - sister

EXERCISE 1 Translate into English
1.Tha mo chta r salach 2.Tha an t-seacaid bhuidhe aice anns a' bhogsa
3.Bha fhalt gu math bn 4.Am biodh do ch a' ruith anns a' phirc?
5.Chan eil am bainne agam r 6.Tha ar n-eaglais air an t-srid thall an sin
7.A bheil am brthair-san gu math a-nis? Tha 8.Tha bhur taigh blth is cofhartail
9.Am bi do mhthair a' dol a-mach a-nochd? Cha bhi 10.Bha mo chopan ln de chofaidh

EXERCISE 2 Translate into Gidhlig
1.Is my answer right or wrong? It's correct, very good 2.Our money was in that bank over there
3.Their cat is sick just now 4.My father will be going out on the moor with his dog
5.His brother will be staying in our house tonight 6.My sister has a friend in (the) hospital
7.My pen is green, and your (sibh) pen is red 8.Will my money be safe in that box? Yes, certainly
9.My mother and (is) my father are not so young now 10.Your sheep were in our garden yesterday

1.My new coat is dirty 2.Her yellow jacket is in the box
3.His hair was rather fair 4.Would your dog be running in the park?
5.The milk I have isn't fresh 6.Our church is on (that) street over there
7.Is their brother well now? Yes 8.Your house is warm and comfortable
9.Will your mother be going out tonight? No 10.My cup was full of coffee

ANSWERS EXERCISE 2 Answers a & b denote possible variations
1.A bheil m' fhreagairt ceart no cerr? Tha e ceart, gl mhath 2a.Bha ar n-airgead anns a' bhanca thall an sin
2b.Bha an t-airgead againn anns a' bhanca thall an sin
3a.Tha an cat aca tinn an-drsta
3b.Tha an cat-san tinn an-drsta
4a.Bidh m' athair a' dol a-mach air a' mhonadh leis a' ch aige
4b.Bidh m' athair a' dol a-mach air a' mhonadh le a ch
5.Bidh a bhrthair a' fuireach anns an taigh againn a-nochd 6.Tha caraid aig mo phiuthar anns an ospadal
7a.Tha mo pheann uaine, agus tha ur peann dearg
7b.Tha am peann agam uaine, agus tha am peann agaibh dearg
8a.Am bi m' airgead sbhailte anns a' bhogsa sin? Bidh, gu cinnteach
8b.Am bi an t-airgead agam sbhailte anns a' bhogsa sin? Bidh, gu cinnteach
9.Chan eil mo mhthair is m' athair cho g a-nis 10.Bha ur caoraich anns a' ghrradh againn an-d

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